Below is a list of tunes recorded in my basement with a band called Blues' Branches, thus named because every tune we did stemmed from the blues.  We have over 100 recordings from those few months, but most of them don't have the © with Mello-Dee-O-Dough so I probably shouldn't put them here without an official okie-dokie from somebody. Although I certainly cannot make any money from these tunes (why would anyone want these versions when there are better ones available?), I do respect copyright.  I also respect your opinions, so I ask you to commit some of them to writing. Let me know your thoughts.  The question is:  Does it help or hurt the copyright owner to have amateur versions publicly available?

  Personally I'd prefer a whole different value system on this planet, but that's a whole nuther story.   There are obviously many more tunes that can be added with Mp3.  For a complete list, see the bottom of this page.  If you personally would like to hear one, let me know.  

The Story


Below is a list of all the Blues' Branches tunes that were recorded onto five disc. If you personally would like to hear one, please let me know.

 Soiling The Earth

Laying The Seed

Raising The Trunk

Out On A Whim


  1. Super Stitchin'
  2. Treat Her Right
  3. Sea Cruise
  4. Roadhouse/Two Times
  5. Mind Your Own Business
  6. Leave My Kitten Alone
  7. Little Wing
  8. Loose Eel
  9. 12 Bars Blue
  10. Third Stone...
  11. Roll Over Beethoven
  12. The Game Of Love
  13. Fire
  14. Brian's Brains
  15. Cry To Me
  16. I Wanna
  1. Satisfy Susie
  2. She's A Woman
  3. Voodoo Chile
  4. Wonderful Tonight
  5. I Got To Find My Baby
  6. When The Lights Go Out
  7. Killer Bee
  8. St. Louis Blues
  9. Back Door Man
  10. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
  11. Sent Up
  12. Nadine
  13. Nobody Knows
  14. Hoy Vay Como, Pa
  15. I Ain't Drunk
  16. Perc Usherin'
  17. Bebop A Lula
  18. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
  1. Easy Money
  2. Tell Me
  3. My Babe
  4. Some 're Thyme
  5. Sunshine Of Your Love
  6. Sick 'n' Tired
  7. I Want To Shout About It
  8. Tin Pan Alley
  9. Drivin' south, Too
  10. You Opened My Eyes
  11. Junco Partner
  12. Stand By Me
  13. Mary Had A Little Lamb
  14. Lover Please
  15. Guitar Boogie
  1. Back In The USA
  2. Feelin' Alreight
  3. All Your Love
  4. Ocean Breeze
  5. Susie Q
  6. Red House
  7. Shanty
  8. Chittlins Con Carne
  9. Dancin' with the Dudettes
  10. Lymon. The Cocoa Nut
  11. You Can't Do That
  12. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  13. Rock Me, Baby
  1. Drivin' South
  2. Taking Five
  3. Some 're Thyme
  4. Killer Bee
  5. Chittlins Con Carne
  6. Hoy Vay Como, Pa
  7. Terror Be Neat
  8. Brian's Brains
  9. So Excited
  10. Third Stone...
  11. Hack 'n' Stack
  12. Perc Usherin'
  13. A La Rue Lament
  14. Guitar Boogie
  15. Want Ad
  16. The Sun Ees Rollin, Kirk
  17. Hear My Call Here
  18. Drivin' South, Too

©2010 Mello-Dee-O-Dough Music