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Trouble In Mind

Trouble with Mine

The only trouble with mine is that I wasn't there when they did theirs.
Who are they, and when did they do this?

They are:

First of all, the Producers, Johnny O'Brien and Bruce Olson, probably wouldn't have wanted me there, although Bruce Olsen might have liked me a little better when he had his Engineer's cap on. But the important "they", of course were the

Terry Garland ...guitar, vocals
Mark Wenner ...harmonica

When they did it:

First Warning Records label has © 1991

     Every time I would listen to this record I would hear a missing bass. So one day (or two or three) I brought the CD tracks into a 4-track recorder and added what I heard. Following are the tracks I recorded. But, before you listen to them, I suggest you buy a copy of the CD and add your own bass parts.
The first 3 tunes I was just playin' along as if it was my album, then, you'll hear, I naturally became more interested in fitting in with what these two guys already did.
I also have 12 tunes of "Fess" (Professor Longhair) in Germany with me "on bass." But, of course, I was unable to get his upload okie-dokie. If you or anyone you know would like to hear these, let me know


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