Who's that said to me hours ago, "Let's go out for a ride"?
We got far out, and then...  I don't know.  Something happened inside.
All I know is we take this turn, and find our way to the pier.
And all the joints we passed by were burnt.  But how I ended up here
drinking this beer...?
I don't know.  (Just keep singing:)

On the ferris wheel we go 'round and 'round,
singing songs that go up and up, then down.
On the pier of steel we get lost 'n' found---
both feet off of the ground.

Is there somebody I can tell?  Is there somebody here?
A doc in the house?  A fool in the cell?  Someone, lend me your ear.
Where is here?  Where are we right now?
I lost my face in the crowd.  Someone's spinnin' me.  Holy cow!
Why;s that bell spinning loud?
What can this mean?  (Is is ringing:)

On the ferris wheel we go 'round and 'round,
slightly back as it lifts us off the ground.
All the beer we spill never makes a sound
as it's gravity bound.

  There's only one problem I cannot deny:
  sherever they got 'em, I can never ride
  the ferris wheel this high.

The ginger baker ran out of cream making domino pie.
The taffy bender began to scream, 'though we will never know why.
If you say to me, "How do you do?", I don't do very well.
But if you do to me how you do do, then we've got something to tell
everyone else.  (While they're singing:)


All way round we go, stomachs letting go.
Just look out below.  Oh-oh.  NO!
We'll get off in time.  Walk the crooked line.
Everything is fine, is it?
'Round and 'round we go, but when it stops we know
we both have to go home.  Oh, oh, no.
Now it's getting slow.  Yes, it's swinging low...
We both have to go home... with both feet back on the ground.
   (All riders, have your tickets ready.)

©1989 Mello-Dee-O-Dough Music