I wonder.  Do you know there's laughter in the wind?
...Hearing a song and singing along---then happiness begins.
And with the morning's dew, a sparrow flys to me.
Softly he sings, spreading his wings in aero-symmetry.
I smile to think "he's living out his life
---a graceful life to view."
I'll see the violence after
I want to see laughter in the news.

BRIDGE: When lovers on an isle have exchanged a tender smile,
                   ev'ry wave begins to wile them to do it once more.

A silent cloud of gloom ill-uminates the room
watching the news---whichever you choose.  It falls upon you soon.
While somewhere in a breeze two old men pass the time
remembering when, and smiling again.  The town-clock strikes a chime.
A passer-by, who noticed a tear, assumed the old men blue.
They can't see sadness after
they've seen laughter in the news.


          Life is whatever you choose
          ---some win yet some never lose.
          I wanna see tame, gentle forests in the rain.
          I wanna see laughter in the news.

          Hold on to all childlike views.
          Seek out the hope in your blues.
          I wanna see the end with a mellow-minded friend.
          I wanna see laughter in the news.

©1989 Mello-Dee-O-Dough Music