• From "Lite Wait" ---Pregnant Paws
  • From Emma Watts ---High Heals, ill Eagle
  • From Anon Amos ---Musky Toe, Della Gates
  • From JCsimple ---No Strings Attached, Dead on Target, Four Wise Guys (or put the number of the people in the band, because any number sounds good), Green Iris Temple, Unusual Occurrences, More than Obvious.
  • From Jammin' JayMan ---Essay Tease
  • From Mandi ---Peppertones, Blank Space, Runnin' Credits, Fruckus, That Would Be The Edge (first album Cliffs Bass), Tone-Full Secs
  • From Joe Christianson ---Nigh Eve, O Fokes N Fools, Serve Sup.
  • From Tanya ---Black Guy w/ Black Eye
  • From Christine Streit ---Quakers On Probation
  • From The Burns Family ---Beautiful Disaster, Prisoner
  • From Kim A Clarke ---Aunt Heiser`s Bush (great for a beer drinkin band)
  • From Rod Jeffery ---The DOGGY BONE & HALF-CHEWED BISCUIT BAND (and Rod once played in Tony Barnard's All Hat Jazz.
  • From the StubDude ---(more like song titles) "A Bomb A Nation," "My Karma Ran Over My Dogma," "Dropped Without A Maybe," "Yes, With A Capital You," and "The Wind That Pushes The Breeze Beyond It's Welcome."  
  • From TravelerGL ---Cloud Nine, Freaks, Lift The Hope, Hope, All That Shines
  • From Neil Bertrand --- I LEVEL I (it's a palindrome!)
  • From Ed Cumming ---The Hemmingway Trouser Incident, The Engelbert Humperdink Conspiracy, The Strawberry Feels (sounds like book titles)
  • From my drummer, Bones, who once had a band called Stiffy & the Love Muscles ---The 4 Skins


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