The title Bass Sick was first used on a cassette tape I'd made of tunes featuring various bass players. Someone once asked, "Why bass sick?" I said, "These players must spend all their waking moments playing or talking about playing the bass. That's sick, and BASS is the cure."
        "Yeah, but they are all incredibly good at it. I'd say someone like you {meaning me!} who plays as much as you do & who is not so good is the real bass sick-o!"
        So, when I joined the computer ranks & all their talk of basic this & basic that, it seemed only natural (actually cultural) for me to be BassSick.
        Although I was born the same year as the P-Bass, Jaco, Stanley & Rocco, and have been playing since 1964, I'm not truly a qualified instructor of advanced players. But I can talk the theory talk and walk a fine line, and I'm a good organizer. So Basssick Home Page can be the start page of all BASS-sick browsers.
        Thanks for sharing your time & Enjoy Whatever Happens.

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