One hundred and one Damn Nations!

Full MIDI Version
The Opening
The Main Theme
First Statement
Second Statement
The Ending
Damn Ghosts
Metro Gnome 120 bpm
Drums & Organ 100 bpm
Different drummer & organist @ 101 bpm.

Full NoteWorthy Version
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      Don't ask me where the title for this tune came from.  I don't remember.  I keep a list of names, and remember one on
it once was "101 Damn Changes," which of course would have been intended for a tune with too many changes for even the musicians.  This tune may have too many changes, yet there are only 2 chords, an Em9 and a Dm9.  Then there's the politics
of "Nations."  Who could figure?  Anyway, the tune is just a jam on those two chords.  Try using only a 1 2 -3 5 -7 scale and come up with your own parts up and down the neck.  See how chromatic notes play an interesting interchange between the chords.  In the "Second Statement" you'll see and hear a somewhat different use of the same scale.

In part or in whole.

Full Version---Start right off with the full version. Play it through and play along. There are a few places where it's just you, the drum & organ.
The Opening---A melodic solo essentially. A chance to play up the neck.
The Main Theme---Those 16th notes in measure 4 are not as easy as the NoteWorthy player plays them. I like playing this whole tune on a fretless, and especially on this main theme there's room for slides.
First Statement---There's a 101 variations for this statement. Again we're using the 1 2 -3 5 -7 scale, and still from that you can jazz up the last 2 1/2 beats of measures 2 and 4 at least 101 ways.
Second Statement---Now here is the oddest part for the bass. It's really derived from a sax part. You'll notice the Em9 starts on a G, the minor 3rd, and in measure 3 the Dm9 starts on A, the 5th. Not so unusual. But the 4th measure starts on a G, the 4th! of Dm. Weird works. Try it.
The Ending---Big finish, right? Well, not with this band.
Damn Ghosts---This is a variation of Statement 1. Ghost notes and swing 8ths are 2 items I've sent in to NoteWorthy's wish list. If they get enough requests, they will build it.
Drums & Organ---Ah, just go crazy. Practice any part, do the whole piece, or play your own heart. If ya can't stand the organ, try the Metro Gnome.

Listen to RealAudio of an old recording of me on rhythm guitar writing the tune on bass=101 Damn Nations.

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