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         A "clyp (plural: clypse)" is a page with a practice suggestion that includes notation, TAB, MIDI, a NoteWorthy version, and other practice aides.  Each clyp is designed for a different element of bass playing and can be beneficial at any level of accomplishment.  Sonata #1, for example, is a tune that most players could spend a lifetime trying to master; but whether you're an accomplished player or you're just starting to build callouses, take any measure or phrase and work it till it's right.  Play it in different positions, different keys and tempos.  Ya gotta get into it before ya get anything out of it.  Below is a list of the BassSick Clypse with a brief explanation of what to expect.  If you don't have a bass and small amp set up next to your computer, go get it and practice while you surf the web.  Each clyp opens in a separate window so you can pull it up anytime you're waiting for something to load.  Who knows?  We all may become better players while we surf, albeit with a lower degree of web savvy, or whatever.
         These clypse can help you with your exploration of the bass, and there are many places on the net where you can obtain similar benefits, but there will never be a substitute for one-on-one instruction.  A good bass teacher is the best way for any player to improve, and is essential to proper learning.  I will be building a list of instructors to publish, so if you are a bass teacher, please send me your info to include (you'll have to change to AT to @ to prove you're human).  Whereas my list of BassSick Teachers requires the teacher to maintain a web address, check out the list at ActiveBass.

         Download a free NoteWorthy Player to see and hear all of the clypse.  A great learning tool.  Listen to midi of what my 12 year old son came up with after just a short while.  And if you really wanna see how it's done, go listen to Ramón Pajares Box, or any of the other pages linked from NoteWorthy Composer's list of user sites.

The Clypse

Pushed One ---"Push One" is to practice playing the 1st downbeat of a measure a half o' beat early.
101 Damn Nations ---A full-length jam on 2 minor 9th chords. Good for chromatics.
Count deFlatz ---An exercise with 3 variations. Help in remembering how many flats in flat keys.
10 to 9 ---An odd diddy. Simply 2 measures. The 1st in 10/4, the 2nd in 9/4.
Olba Kayba, Bayba ---diminished scale and triplets.
Macon Georgia Dance ---a fun jam with riff bassed on minor 3rd movement.
Wanna Wanda? ---a 12-bar blues line.
Jacamo Witch---Another 12 bar piece.
Sonata #1 ---This Bach piece, although difficult to master, is nevertheless a great practice tool.
Confirmation ---6 Choruses of bass lines to Charlie Parker's tune.
Yardbird Suite ---Play Bird's melody and/or 7 choruses of walking bass lines.
Jachromatic ---Chromatic exercise with emphasis on one note per fret.
Variations Of A Dream ---a feel thing. Relax exercise.
My Watch Dog's Ticks ---A fun, funky tune to practice timing of fills.
Gilligan's Island ---Sharpen your reading and improvise ghost notes.
Mr. Ed ---A good chromatic exercise. Fun with fingers.
Prelude #1 in C Major ---great for the study of chords and modes, and for unusual fingerings.
Four Sips ---Phrygian scale exercise to help strengthen your fretboard hand.
Billie's Bounce ---7 choruses of blues in F fitting well with Parker's "Now's The Time"
Donna Lee ---The head and also a MIDI of Jaco's solo provided by Marcus Welcome.
The Sun Ees Rollin', Kirk ---A 12-bar starting on the 3.
Dew Wet ---A piece simialr to "If I Only Had A Brain."
So What ---The Miles Davis tune.
Oh, t' Matt ---A little Beethoven.
Here is the Circle Of Fifths

Metro Gnomes

Latin 4/4 108bpm Pushed One 160 bpm Wanna Wanda? 100 bpm Tick's Drum 100 bpm
Metal 4/4 120bpm 101 Damn Nations 120 bpm Jacamo Witch 150 bpm K9's Drum 120 bpm
Rock 4/4 120bpm 10 to 9 165 bpm Sonata #1 in Gm 3 speeds
Waltz 3/4 112bpm OlbaKayba Bayba 120 bpm Confirmation 2 speeds
Blues 3/4 180bpm Macon Georgia Dance 189 bpm Variations of a Dream 100 bpm

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