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Since this whole piece, except for the fancy ending, is played at the 5th position, the usual "notation with markings" link is unnecessary.

Compare the TAB version.

     This exercise uses a Phrygian scale (1-2-3 4 5-6-7 8).  It's designed to strengthen your fingerboard hand.  Like most anything else, it shouldn't be played as rigid as the MIDI versions above.  Also, like anything else that is worthwhile, it should be taken apart slowly and practiced a piece at a time.  This tune is really quite difficult to do at 120bpm, but practicing the little pieces that make it up is both fun and rewarding with an increased ability to perform the whole.  Part of the difficulty is in remembering the form if you're not reading the notation or tab.
     The first measure should be played and over played until it is mastered.  Try substituting other notes from the scale. Adding a pick-up note of Eb at the 'and' of 4 brings an interesting twist to the repeat.  Coming up with measures of triplets if a fun way to learn the fingering of the scale. It's certainly a good idea to explore the possibilities beyond the 5th position, and also to try all 12 keys.  Below the notation is a RealAudio variation that you can transcribe.  I used a Danelectro Longhorn Reissue I borrowed from Tex Rowe.  It's only about $250, and, although you can feel why, it is probably the best buy in that price range.  I took it to a jam the other night, and the sound is really quite amazing.

RealAudio of Force Hips

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