How or what kind is a Jacamo Witch?

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      This is just another blues tune played in a box. You know, where your left hand stays in one spot spanning 2 frets for eight measures, then moves up two positions and works back down. A.K.A.* a 1-4-5 tune. But enough of this complex musical jargon, lingo. To the tune. This 6/4 part is actually only the head**, which is repeated a set number of times before the tune moves to a 4/4 jam only to return to the head. I said a nuff o' this... I usually trill the 6th beat of most measures and work in slight rhytmic variations like pulling off ghost notes, but the stretching out part is reserved for the middle common.

Here's the version of me with my StuHamm fulfilling the request of JacoKid in the Clypse Forum.

For the pure wrist.

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* Also Known As.
**Opening chorus where the main theme is played.***
***Usually repeated at end of tune.

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