My Watch Dog's Ticks...but won't explode.    The Electrician

My Dog's Full MIDI Version
Tick's Bass
Tick's Drum
K9's Full MIDI Version
K9's Bass
K9's Drum

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Full NoteWorthy Version with an extra beat!
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      This one is rather difficult to play.  The double stops in measure 2 are somewhat common and made easier to return to the fifth position with the use of the open A string.  But the open A is of little help coming off that 12th fret flurry in the 4th measure.  My dog calls that a bitch.  Oh yeah, the position marking in the 4th fret below should read 12, not 14.  My Dog's K9 adds a beat for the 2nd and 4th measures.  See how that makes it to play.  You need a good drummer to help with this one.

My Watch Dog Sticks

With a Relief Beat.

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