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Kind Of Blue by the master Miles Davis where you'll hear the original with Paul Chambers.

Since there were so many "I"s in the notes for this tune, they were moved below so you can get right to the notation.  You're welcome.

          Although I did as well as I could, I didn't do very well on this one.  Well, I did learn something about my transcription technique.  It seems when writing notation I cheat on the beat.  That is, I don't always write the feel.  It seems to be a fairly common practice.  The implication is: "You know what I mean."  If I neglect to note  that eighth notes swing, and don't write out the dotted-eighth and sixteenth pairs or triplet variation, you're supposed to know what I mean.  Know what I mean?  
         But using the NoteWorthy Composer program to print the notation AND be the notes that "play" the MIDI files, teaches me my flaws.  Usually I work to get it right, but this one seems still flawed.  To help, I will try to locate the flawed tape I sent to Bruce Gertz that was mentioned in "Confirmation", and post it as a reasonable facsimile.  Until then, may I suggest Kind Of Blue by the master Miles Davis where you'll hear the original Paul Chambers play what I meant.  
         Since I'm deep in confession here, let me mention some differences I have with the notation with markings.  For years I played this tune from a 6-fret stretch in the 10th position because I liked the way the notes sounded playing the whole riff on the top three strings.  With age comes tolerance, hence the easier 9th position start, using all four strings.  


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