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      Around 1981 I asked God for help in letting my life be guided by the will of God. After several years of intense determination, I was led to realize that it was the determination that was my anchor. We could get into some incredible discussion regarding the journey and its rewards, but I just want to share with anyone who may happen onto this site the best gem that was uncovered along the way. God (& we could talk forever about what I mean by that) gave me nothing less than the meaning of life. Those who know me, have heard it all before. It goes like this:

We are creatures created to experience the creation of our Creator,
not to judge it good or evil.

The weirdest thing to me is that in all that study I don't remember uncovering The Urantia Papers. A friend of mine just introduced me to them this year (1998). Yeow, that is weird.

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