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BASS Lake---Not Fishing

Follow Your Knows

Along The WAY OUT

Bob Mendelsohn and the Damp Rabbit ...Show you the magic ~ Bob also makes basses.
Vision Music...You gotta see and hear this place.
Phried Phish Phanz (phish net)
Guitarville must be near Seattle
The Kellogg Collection
Blue Hyenas are nothing to laugh at.
DEAD Images
DEAD Radio
Old Glory Let your psychedelia fly
Timothy was a song
Blue Mountain Art Send a card on-line.
CD DataBass ---almost instantly add Title, Artist & Track info for your computer's CD player to display.
Fabio Ciucci's Java Applets
Virtual Friends
A cool Psychedelic Screen Saver
The Dialectizer ...Change the dialect of any webpage. Ya gotta see this to believe it.
Bass Player Infractions ...Learn what the proper fines for bass player offenses

Back in the LIVEing Room

Who here likes The Dave Matthews Band?

Looking for a way back to HOME?

How 'bout The Front Door?



Come dance with me...
(BassSick Baby playing airbass.) 


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