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Welcome bass players and friends.
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       Bass Players and enthusiasts are supportive by nature.   
       One of the best BASS pioneers of session players, Carol Kaye, was also a pioneer to the Basssick Site.  See her signature through the breathing Bass clef below.
       Find your way through most everything else in the BassSick Site Map.
       Check out the ManYouFactsSures page for Amps, Strings, Books, CDs & Bass Players with something to sell. And if you're a Bass Player with something to sell let me know.

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Study Double French Doors the On-Going Study of... Bach, Bird, Latin & BassSick Practice with Study Links

LIVEing Room Door ...A way of life with Family'n'Friends, The Beatles .com/iddy & CoolSites

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BreethClef ...Out The Back Door & into the Links---not golf, & the Basssick PostOffice.

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