Sonata #1 in Gm

by JSBach

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Compare notation to TAB.

Practice with a MIDI-Metronome @ 160 bpm, 130 bpm or 100 bpm
Listen to the MIDI version of the sonata.

Beginners and advanced players benefit from the study of the classics.
 Usually, as is the case with this sonata, the fingering is very different than most of the music most of us play everyday.  Even if you never play the whole piece, you can practice a single measure or phrase and improve your general ability to play.  Pick a measure and play it.  There's notation, TAB, midi versions and metronomes to aide in your quest.  Also, recorded examples of various passages with a real bass could be available here as the discussions continue. Send in your comments, and check back often to see the comments of others.

Download a free NoteWorthy Player to see and hear Sonata #1 in G Minor.

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