In 1997 I figured I should have a website because I like to build things. But what to name it? I heard of something called basic language that was all the rage in computer mags, but I didn't (and still don't) know what it means. Being a fan of John Lennon-ese, and being a bass player, the name was changed and the domain was purchased. Well, actually not before some attempts at web designing at and Whoa, showing my age...

Now the BassSick WebSite sits pretty much neglected ~even by me. I spend most of my time now working on my photography. Drop in to say hello at Parks Photos. The BassSick News page is no longer updated, but what there was is still there for posterity ~or just due to laziness.

One of my most fun projects in the bass world was Global Bass. After it's sudden demise, it was given to Scott Worthington who is giving it a phoenix-like revival. Scott also promised to continue our promise that the Archives from GB would remain online and free.


The most popular learning place in the BassSick WebSite was:

The Practice Clypse

A lot of visitors liked the Band Names page.

Then there was the bands I played in ~at least up until this century when it became impossible to list all of the bands because some of them didn't even have a name.

The whole structure of the BassSick Home is intact, although nothing will link you there intentionally. Again, it's mostly due to laziness, but partly due to not wanting to screw up any links I might be forgetting, which is still laziness.

One of the earliest galleries I posted online was a page of my bass gear. Since then I've picked up another Fender Stu Hamm (not shown, but played often). There was always a lorge section continuously being revamped in the BassSick WebSite that was dedicated to photography, It was always called PIX. The first BassSick Sounds was in GeoCities, and there is probably a lot more of our recordings throughout the Internet.  Babu Music



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