I was going to just redirect this page to Light Writer PIX, but thought it might be connected to other pages for other reasons, so here you still are.  If, however, you are truly hip, you'll just move on as suggested.

Pick-Ur-Pix  Below is a list of other photo albums, most recent ones first, that may not all be included in My Photos above.
  1. Abandoned Farm 3/25/07
  2. Christmas 2006 at the Tomaszewski's.
  3. David's 11th Birthday Party with Sheila.
  4. Stubdude & Juno's 2006.  Another wonderful trip to Maine.
  5. Skins/Giants at Jim's
  6. Another fire at Charlie's with some hawks and a moon, 070606
  7. The first weekend for Cass in her new house
  8. The first fire at Charlie's house, 040106
  9. A couple portrait shots of Oreo.
  10. Jamaican Trip 2006 with half of Rub Yer Soul.
  11. San Diego Trip 0505
  12. Back to Maine in 2004.
  13. Our Royal Caribbean Cruise of the south Caribbean islands.
  14. Back to Maine in 2003.
  15. Barb's surprised me with a trip to The Skytop Lodge.  It was our 25th anniversary.  It rained a lot, but we had a great time.

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