Pages on the WWW that show the sounds.

  1. Bach opens with the last couple measure of Sonata #1 in Gm in RealAudio. (The Stu Hamm)
  2. Bird opens with a hurried rendition of Yardbird Suite in RealAudio. (The Stu Hamm)
  3. Blues' Branches is a list of 24 tunes (Mp3 & RealAudio) of Blues Branches. (A variety, but mostly the '59 P-Bass.)
  4. BassSick Terry Garland is 9 RealAudio tunes with bass added to Terry Garland's Trouble In Mind. (Mostly The Stu Hamm, I believe, with a couple done with Ibanez de-fretted bass.)
  5. The On-Going Study opens with a bit of The Sound of Music. (The Kaminski)
  6. Nashville Numbers links to 3 tunes I sang in Nashville---Dee Murray (Spencer Davis Group, Elton John) was the bass player.
  7. Stereo 6 eventually comes up with The Sun Is Rollin', Kirk in RealAudio. (The Kaminski)
  8. Java Ace opens with The Wizard Of Oz Theme. (The Kaminski)
  9. 101 Damn Nations. An old RealAudio recording of me on rhythm guitar writing the tune on bass. (The Ibanez de-fretted)
  10. Mr. Ed ---yeah, the theme song for the TV show in RealAudio. (The Stu Hamm)
  11. Jacamo Witch is my version of the Practice Clyp in RealAudio. (The Stu Hamm)
  12. BassSick Desktop Wavs are wav files of my Control\Panel\Sounds settings. (The Kaminski)
  13. Oh, t' Matt is Beethoven's "Ode To Joy", a practice clype for my son. (The Stu Hamm)
  14. Lovers ~ a version I recorded on acoustic guitar and bass in 1977. (The 

Because you they get done, the pages on which I play bass will be listed.


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