I've played bass since 1963 but only occasionally would I get to play a Latin line. I really enjoy the spaces---like the spaces in reggae. This is the mailbox of my least experience, so, if there are any LatinLovers out there, please help.

Join me in the study of The Swing of the Latin Bass through Ray Ramírez.
Go to Jean Anfossi's Latin Rhythm site.  He has given permission for us to use his latin rhythm MIDIs for discussions regarding the bassists perspective of the latin claves.


  ARAWAK JAH: de cuba con amor     

  ARAWAK JAH: it is original     

  ARAWAK JAH: king of salem     

  ARAWAK JAH: arawak live!     

es  RAMON BERMUDEZ, JR.: fuego en el alma    

  BRAVE NEW GIRL: no one ever said      Aram

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