Charlie Parker, Be-Bop, and chromatic approaches. The study of Parker opens up fascinating doors for the student of bass.  There are several Practice Clypse, including DONNA LEE.  Since Jaco Pastorius opened his debut solo album, Jaco Pastorius, 1976, it has become a staple for bassists everywhere.  Even for those of us who will never get the chance to do a version on our own solo album, it is an amazing piece to live with.

     Other Bird*songs that are personal favorites include  Yardbird Suite,  Red Cross and Billie's Bounce or Now's The Time. Donna Lee, as mentioned, is a major favorite link between Parker and the Bass, thanks to Jaco and all those who have since paid tribute.  See and hear how all twelve notes can be played with a lyrical chromaticism that makes Be-Bop stand above all other types of music.
     Also, you're invited to Parker's Confirmation party.  Drink in the notation, TAB, MIDI & NoteWorthy examples.
     Then have your fill of Yardbird Suite for dessert.
     And Now's The Time for Billie's Bounce.



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*Of course, Miles Davis wrote Donna Lee, but a Parker tune is a Bird song is a...

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