The Study will be a favorite room. Here everyone will be able to find a variety of links to sites that specialize in the study of bass.  Also all of the stuff that is within the BassSick WebSite that deals with the study of bass playing can be found through this page.  There once was an ON-Going Study of a variety of different topics where visitors would discuss such things as BeBop, Bach, Latin rhythms and Practicing the bass, but that got to be a bit much to maintain.  

     The BassSick Training page deals with everything from the basssicks to bebop. Also, check out the Study Links at the bottom. If you enjoy a good lesson from a qualified teacher, check out the free online stuff at Bass 101. You can always find your way back through his links page. Or treat yourself to a visit to Active Bass. There are many terrific bass transcriptions on the Internet home of Lucas Pickford.  Another good bass site for learning your craft is Sean McMillin's where you can even print out your own staff paper.  See the BestClef eBay store for many bass items for study.  And, of course, no bass study would be complete without visiting

Study all you can through the Study Links.

Take the time to try the Practice Clypse.
Get your BassSick Training and study your BassSick scales. 

Currents of Events for Study

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Study from the masters at Bass Players On The Internet . com.
Find bass study stuff at BassStuff Online.

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