Of course, even if you don't know me, you would suspect that I probably stole most all of the cute stuff.  And you would probably be right---except, perhaps, for the word "most" which would depend on your definition of "cute."  More and more of them, like the "Credits" above, are coming from programs I've downloaded for free or purchased---some of which have been on this computer since we got it.  Isn't it telling how I first learned to steal stuff from the net before I learned to use what was given to me?  Also, somewhat in my defense, you would probably agree that "stealing" (meaning taking-not-for-profit) from the internet is not wrong.  I had no idea that I'd be buidling a space for BassPlayers to browse so I wasn't at first collecting the credits.  As a result, some of the cool stuff in the BassSick WebHome may not have the credits showing in the list below.  If you know of any such instance, or if you'd like to say that one should not be using anything until one can give proper credit, please e-me! your knowledge or your opinion.  You'll have to change the AT to @ to prove you're human.
Speaking about God-given, I couldn't have a "Credits Page" without at least a reference to our True Creator.

Try building on these HeadAcres.  On the other hand, forget it.  Most of them don't exist anymore.  It's just that that's where BassSick.com was started or to where it's been expanded for free from time to time.

Not only are the following great places to go for free web-building materials,
many also have some better-than-great things to buy even if you're not into building your own space in cyberspace. BassSick

Click Here to Visit the BassSick Xoom Boom Room ~ Never mind. This too is gone.


The Basssick Credits

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