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        All the bass tab sites that have been sent in are listed here. The blood-stained look refers to the on-going battle of "If we use TAB, we ruin our eyes to the wider benefits of notation (and we might go blind, or hair will grow on the palms of our hands)." Whereas it is true that how to play music is more accurately communicated with the use of notation, TAB, besides coming close to the same commmunicative value as notation in its most complicated versions, is nevertheless beneficial in communicating other points teachers often like to make with their students, such as where to play the music on your instrument. How many times have you struggled with a particular piece one way, then see TAB of it that gives you some better ideas on how to play it? Notation can also be used to illustrate playing positions, as in the case of the Practice Clypse.
        Learning to read music in both TAB and notation is rewarding in many ways. A qualified instructor is a big plus in developing your own voice on your instrument. If you are a bass teacher, please send me e-mail with your name and a way for students to contact you (you'll have to change the AT to @ to prove you're human). Also include where you teach, and whether you give lessons via snail-mail, e-mail, video, cassette, internet, videocam, or whatever. I'm developing a list of bass teachers that BassSick visitors can consider. Certainly, if you have a website, please be sure I have the URL. And thanks for sharing your bass knowledge.

1st BassSick TABs

Go to the Practice Clypse to hear MIDI and get notation for all of these.

Reed Kotler Music - makers of cool transcribing aids that help you learn by ear from your favorite recordings.

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