The BassSick Training page is one that was meant to be done along time ago.  It's just a place to go that has plenty of links to satisfy a bass player's desire to improve.  Of course it is to be interactive.  It develops based on input from it's users.  It is both basic and advanced. There are areas to learn the basics---like Mel Bay used to say, "This is your left hand"---and it will have sections for long bulletin board type discussions about such things as technique, practice procedures, equipment & playing the practice clypse.  So when you think of ways this can be better, post your opinions here (you'll have to change the AT to @ to prove you're human).  Otherwise, enjoy your trip.

Basssick Teachers
Basssick Scales
Circle Of Fifths

The Study Linx     A plethora of places to pursue your progress.

The Practice Clypse     Play along with a variety of practice pieces.


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