If you get here before I do, you might not wanna wait for me.
But I will be bach.

Suffice it to say I'm just another knowbody.

     If you'd llike to know anything about me, just ask.
Oh, yeah, some people ask about what bands I'm in now.
Well, there's Zydecoal, and The Hellbenders---actually there are 3, but only two have web pages. Check out the BassSick Calendar of Gigs
Others ask what bands I've been in, or you might prefer to just jump on some java below.   Anyway, you're here.   I'd like to help with your search.

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If anyone would like to read a letter I wrote to my (at the time) 20-year old daughter Michele,
or the accompanying Notes On My Dad's Dying, let me know.   They've been converted to HTML,
basically as another way to save them, and send them to others.   
If you'd like to read more, I've
written a few books, many poems, a sonnet sequence of 155 sonnets (had to do one more than
the Bard), and many letters and dissertations.   If you're here to REALLY get to know me,
well, that'll hafta wait.

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