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    Pick Pix
  1. BarBara & BassSick is a java pick of my wife Barb & me.
  2. Celeste   Ashley   Matthew ---3 of my children.
  3. Matt Buttons ---scans of my son's baseball magnets.
  4. BassBall is my life. Me @ 11 with my son @ 11 at the same field.
  5. Stubcal is a calendar-type set of thumbnails, each block of which opens to it's larger version.   I'm in numbers 8, 18 & 28.   The set is of pictures I took on a visit to my cousin Stubby's place in Maine.
  6. Juno's Art is a thumbnail page of links to 4 paintings Stubby's wife, June, did.   All I did was make the page. Here's another Juno Collection from the 2000 trip.
  7. BassSick Solo are two pix of The Hellbenders by Karen Jordan. Notice the TV (game) behind me. And I thought all the cheering was for my playing.
  8. SixPix of a RedHell in Tunkhannock is again from the camera of Karen Jordan. It was Halloween.
  9. ChazWalk are thumbnails of a drummer friend, Charlie Alaimo's, walk through the hillside---I think he said NY State, near Woodstock. Again all I did was the page.
  10. Brian & SVR ---a pic of Brian Tonart with Stevie Ray Vaughan.
  11. My 1968 Ludwig drum kit played by Bo Diddley.
  12. Charlie's photos of Tex's farewell jams.
  13. Bahamama Mix ---photos clipped from digital video trip in Bahamas.
  14. San Francisco Trip ---photos clipped from digital video trip in San Francisco.
  15. StubDude's Crib in Maine ---another trip.
  16. My instrument collection ---actually only basses and guitars with 3 missing from photo.
  17. The 1999 Back Mountain Cardinals ---was Matt's last year & team in the Little League. 
  18. Rockies Photos ---our 2000 Junior League Rockies.
  19. Slowly We Turned --- our weekend in Niagara Falls.
  20. Our 2000 trip to Maine --- with Charlie & Jim.  And here's some of Charlie's Pix.
  21. Rana Ross ---a collection of photos for Global Bass Magazine.
  22. The New New York ---Matt, Barb & I to see Mark Peterson 11-09-01
  23. Jack ---a memorial tribute to our young family friend 
  24. Victor Wooten's Bass/Nature Camp 2002 ---Matt & I were so fortunate to be able to attend. 
  25. Our Royal Caribbean Cruise of the south Caribbean islands.
  26. Back to Maine in 2003.
  27. Barb's surprised me with a trip to The Skytop Lodge.  It was our 25th anniversary.  It rained a lot, but we had a great time (Cf. pix #1 above).
  28. Brother Phil & I with our sisters Mary Kay & Donna Christmas Eve 1963 & Christmas Eve 2003 at the same bar.
  29. A photo from Steve & Donna Furmanski's wedding.  Many are the guys Steve grew up with.
  30. Brian & Joline present the new Tonart's, Melody & Emma.
  31. Back to Maine in 2004.
  32. Thanksgiving at Johnny's 2004.
  33. Thanksgiving at Maclean's Dram Shop 2004.
  34. San Diego Trip 0505
  35. A pic of 16 of us & a pic of 9 of us at the OBX; and, of course, Dan is one of us.
  36. John Lennon Tribute 120805
  37. Rub Yer Soul jam @ Johnny's New Year's Eve 2005.
  38. Jamaican Trip 2006 with half of Rub Yer Soul.
  39. A couple portrait shots of Oreo.

This page will link to most pages, or sets of pages, of pictures I've taken, am in, or had anything to do with, as they become available. So what.


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